Catali sets you up for success

Whether you are just starting, or well on your way in the journey to success. Even if you are still planning to start..., knowing that we are here to do the complex tech tasks and tedious marketing will have up and running in no time.

Our platform is powerful yet easy to work with, we will guide you all the way in using the services provided to help your business. Use our solution to setup your custom-made ecommerce Web Store. This store comes with

  1. Payment collections service.
  2. Customer management and communication tool.
  3. SEO ready website.
  4. Social Media marketing tools.
  5. Smart invoicing system.
  6. Escrow Payment solution.

The platform was designed secure from the root. With industry standard data encryption, you are assured that your personal information is securely stored and private.

Who we are

Catali Web Stores (CWS) is a tech-driven organization that helps you to conveniently start an eCommerce business for free. Our system, strategies, and technology are designed to catalyze the growth & success of your business.

African entrepreneurs find it challenging harnessing the full potentials of the internet to maximize profit. Many start-ups encounter problems receiving payments, generating invoices and receipts, and tracking their sales. Trust is also a significant problem, especially for start-ups.

We are making a difference by giving you a software that allows you to quickly setup an eCommerce store for your business and a marketplace where customers all over the world can search for your product or service and patronize you.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Invoice generation and Analytical tools

Invoicing is significant for the success of your business. It allows you to track every sale you make. With Catali, you don’t have to worry about invoice generation. We provide invoices automatically for every purchase you make on your store. Our analytical tool also allows you to study the performance of your products. It gives you an insight into which products people buy more from your store.

Low Charge on withdrawal/transfer

As an online merchant, creating a smooth payment experience for your customer is significant to your success. Else, you risk losing clients and putting the integrity of your brand on the line. Catali helps to solve this problem by making payment easy for even the most unlearned client. Despite our service quality, we only charge 2% of settlement amount for users on our free plan and 1% for our premium users. All fees are capped at NGN 2,000.

Escrow Payment Solution

Trust is one of the biggest problems of online trade. Customers are afraid of getting inferior products or being scammed. Merchants are scared that customers can decide not to buy any more while products are on their way or after delivery. With our escrow payment solution, trust is no longer a problem. Catali merchants stand to get more orders once customers know their fund is safe.

Free (Custom) Web Store

Designing commerce stores are usually expensive. You spend a lot of cash on so many features to get it running. With Cavalli, you can get your free eCommerce store ready in a flash. Our platform is very user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about setting it up. If you need a customized web store for your business, kindly apply for our premium package.

Multi-Payment Currencies

Catali aims to make online trade convenient for everyone, so we have available payment options for different currencies. Depending on your location and preferred currency, the choice is yours to make.

  • NGN - Nigerian Naira
  • GHC - Ghanaian Cedi
  • KES - Kenyan Shiling
  • ZWD - Zimbabwean Dollar
  • TZS - Tanzanian Shiling
  • GBP - British Pound Sterling
  • EUR - Euro
  • USD - United States Dollar
  • CAD - Canadian Dollar

Multi-Payment Collection Options

Payment methods can be a big problem, especially when dealing with international clients. CWS aims to give you a store with multiple payment options. These payment choices make it easy for you to sell irrespective of the location of your customers.

  • Cards - Mastercard, Visa, PayPal
  • Bank - Transfer & Teller Draft
  • USSD - Easy offline payment
  • QR Code - Scan to pay
  • NFC - Tap To Pay

Our Goal

We strive to contribute to the growth and success of every business through technology. We aim to be the bridge that connects businesses to clients locally and globally.

What makes us Different?

Catali Web Store allows you to create your free web store within 5 minutes. As a user, you can;

  • Customize your store and add your products/service for sale
  • Create a subscription (reoccurring) services on your web store
  • Manage sales on your website
  • Quickly provide extended information about your business to your clients
  • Eliminate the stress and expensive demand of maintaining an eCommerce website.

Our payment processing is secure and powered by a PSSP company trusted globally for years.